Since 1994, the Campaign has been a steady drumbeat for transportation reform. Here are some of our most notable accomplishments:

Transportation Reform

Additional Transit Service and Funding

Congestion Pricing and Innovative Tolling

Implementation of congestion pricing throughout the region was one of the Campaign's founding principles, and our advocacy has led to the adoption of pricing policies at several agencies. We have also supported efforts to introduce cashless tolling. See our Managing Congestion page for more.

Biking and Walking Programs

The Campaign has helped win hundreds of millions of dollars in new funding for pedestrian and cycling programs in the tri-state area:

Equitable Transportation Policies

TSTC advocates for communities that disproportionately bear the negative effects of the transportation system. In addition, the Campaign has played a key role in advocating for suburban bus riders on Long Island and in Westchester County, and urban bus riders in New Jersey and Connecticut. These commuters are often the most transit-dependent and the least able to afford higher fares or service cuts.

Stopping Road Expansion

Over the last 15 years, our advocacy has helped stop wasteful and sprawl-inducing road projects including: