Mobilizing the Region
Issue 124May 2, 1997

Rte. 92 Not Dead Yet

An April Princeton Packet editorial said a "$50 million per mile solution is not appropriate" for the area potentially impacted by the NJ Turnpike Authority's proposed new Rte 92 6-mile toll highway. The piece cited the Tri-State Campaign's contention that an additional public hearing being held by U.S. EPA on the project will further expose its flaws.

The hearing, coming after strong EPA condemnation of the project, is ostensibly to look at a Turnpike redesign that is supposed to meet the EPA's concerns about excessive wetlands destruction. Some believe DEP is seeking additional cover before denying (or granting) the project's environmental permit.

The hearing is June 10, 6-8 p.m. at the West Windsor-Plainsboro High School, 346 Clarksville Rd., West Windsor, NJ.

Around the Region: Road Contractors On Albany Budget Gridlock

County officials and road contractors are concerned about Albany's budget gridlock. The NY State County Highway Superintendents Association said last year's morass in the capital delayed projects around the state. Ken Carr, director of the Transportation Industry Committee, a group representing more than 100 companies that do road work for local governments, said the seasonal budget standstill impedes prime construction months. The groups also want the Pataki administration to restore cuts to local highway operating assistance.

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