Mobilizing the Region

Issue 169 April 10, 1998

Slow Speed: a Must Pass Bill for Albany

The NY State legislature's transportation committees and top leadership should promote the Slow Speed bill now pending in Albany (A3969, S6872) to "must pass" status for the current session. The bill would let New York City set speed limits below the minimum of 25mph established in state law. This change holds the promise of significantly improving public safety and the city's quality of life. We commend the measure's sponsors, Deborah Glick of Manhattan and Frank Padavan of Queens, for pressing the issue.

The bill is backed by Mayor Giuliani, and is unopposed by any major interest group. Moreover, the prospects for an early NY State budget agreement this spring are strong. Thus, this is the bill's best chance ever: there seems to be no reason that it shouldn't pass this session. But it can be hard to trust in the arcane ways of Albany, so we urge the bill's sponsors and their staffs to aggressively seek and maintain momentum for the bill whenever possible.

The lives of NYC children, elderly and other citizens are at stake. The Slow Speed bill must pass in 1998.

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