Issue 457 May 3, 2004

Sidewalks Save Lives in Rockland County

Rockland County residents are the latest of the regionís citizenry calling for a retrofit of streets designed with only cars in mind. After a 48 year-old Pearl River woman was killed last week trying to cross Middletown Road, citizens and police agreed that sidewalks and crossing facilities need to be extended and upgraded.

The National Highway Safety Administration blames two out of every three pedestrian fatalities on the victim. But Rockland residents feel dangerous roads are to blame, and want more sidewalks and crosswalks.

Safety proponents know simple changes like sidewalk installation save lives and limbs. "In the 1990s, we had a rash of pedestrian accidents down there, with two that turned into fatalities," Stony Point Police Lt. Patrick Brophy said. "After the state put in sidewalks, itís been much better." But with sidewalk construction costing about $100 per foot, county officials are struggling to implement additional projects. State DOTs and county public works budgets need to do more for pedestrians. v





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